Monday, August 29, 2011

Following a prompting

I started reading the Book of Mormon in a whole new way. I look for the time that the people are reaching out to the Lord and the time when the Lord is reaching out to the people. I then apply it to myself using IF.. I do this... THEN...this will happen. Then I think about how I can make it happen.

1 Nephi 1:1-3 IF you make a record or journal of your life and proceedings THEN you will see your blessings, cultivate an attitude of gratitude and be able to say that your past was goodly along with your parents, you will see and feel highly favored and blessed of the Lord and you’ll begin to gain a knowledge of the goodness of God.

Nephi wrote of his day to day life but above all he mostly wrote of his visions—the more spiritual part of his life. I can keep a journal and write down my day to day happenings, I need to write down and treasure the spiritual promptings that I have. I need to follow these promptings.

The prompting I got was to record my testimony or make a testimony journal. I have been in the habit of sharing my testimony once a month in testimony meeting at my church. I started when I was baptized in 1997 and I have been sharing my testimony of the restored gospel and my spiritual progress ever since. So I am going to follow the prompting that I had and I am going to use this blog to record my testimony.

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